Historically, Otter Road (248th) extends from 72nd Ave (Springbrook Rd) south to “0 Ave” (Boundary Rd).

Otter Trail, also known as Warhoop Rd—named after the verbal battles between the misters Beaton & Bourgane in the 1890’s—was divided into three sections:

  1. Upper North Otter – 72nd Ave South past Warhoop Station to 54th Ave
  2. Lower North Otter – 54th Ave south to Old Yale Rd (Fraser Hwy)
  3. South Otter – Old Yale Rd (Fraser Hwy) to Boundary Rd (0 Ave)

John William Best named Otter Road after Colonel William Dhillon Otter. Best and neighbour Robert Brown had served under Colonel Otter in the North West Rebellion. Otter later commanded the first Canadian contingent in the South African war.